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Interesting words and phrases (non-Japanese)

Fun and interesting words and phrases.

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Published: 2018
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This card is for English fun words and phrases. There is a separate card for fun Japanese words and phrases at mwang25:153

  • bower: an attractive dwelling or retreat; a lady's private apartment in a medieval castle
  • ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response): soft sounds that trigger pleasure in the listener. Sounds can be whispering, flipping through newspapers, etc. There are YouTube channels and Spotify playlists for it.
  • Fatal Familial Insomnia: caused by Prions, proteins in the brain that eats away at the brain. Similar to mad-cow and Huntington's disease. Towards the end of life, the person suffers from insomnia and dementia.
  • oxytocin: also called the "love hormone". Responsible for maternal feelings of a mother towards a child and feelings of romantic attachment after sex.
  • toxoplasma: a virus that is harmless to cats, but when rats are infected with it, they become more adventurous to the point of losing their fear of cats. Other research shows human infected with this virus also tend to be less risk adverse.
  • parasomnia pseudo-suicide: committing suicide while sleep walking. There are also cases of people killing other people while sleep walking. Don't know if there is a word for that. Some people are found not guilty, while others are convicted of murder.
  • phlembotomist: a specialist for drawing blood.
  • approach goals: When you work towards achieving something. opposite of avoidance goals. People are happier and more motivated when they work towards approach goals. People tend to procrastinate on avoidance goals.
  • Hedonic adaptation: Probably defined in various places, but this article from Mr. Crazy Kicks has a fun spin on it. Basically he is saying to having multiple small amounts of pleasure over a longer period of time is better than a single burst of a lot of pleasure. Also changing your perspective from feeling bad about not being able to spend a lot of money to thinking about the money you are saving.
  • lahar: When lake containment fails or glacier melts during volcanic eruption causing a thick flow of lava, mud, and water down riverbeds. Learned this while touring Mt. Rainier, which could generate a lahar.
  • Imposter Syndrome: thinking you are not good enough to be where you are.
  • Sunk Cost: in decision making, forget about money already spent. Only evaluate options on the basis of how much more money needs to be spent going forward.
  • Tonic Immobility: animal hypnosis. In sharks, when it is turned upside down.
  • Pica disorder: eating non-food items, such as coins or dirt
  • Life debt: owing someone for saving your life
  • Technical debt: doing something quick and dirty instead of elegantly to save time, but need to go back and fix it later.
  • Cognitive dissonance: having two contradictory beliefs in head at once
  • oenophile: a connoisseur of wine
  • rational suicide:As the name suggests, a person who commits suicide based on a rational decision, not necessarily due to depression or terminal illness.

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