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Movies 2019

List of all the movies I watched in 2019

Source: mwang25
Published: 2019
Tags: collections
Rating: 5/5

(streaming) Bohemian Rhapsody: (3/5) first half was a little boring, second half and ending was better. Not able to tell what part of the movie was true and what was made up.
(DVD) Passenders: (4/5) Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt wake up early on a long starship voyage. Story was interesting and enjoyable until the last part when the writers were forced to come up with some contrived emergency action sequence. Ridiculous happy ending.
(DVD) Lego Movie 2: (3/5) Very slow and predictable start. Movie was saved by one good twist near the end.
(streaming) Avengers: Infinity War (3/5) Predictable and not believable. Too many characters. Many bad decisions made by the characters. The only thing that saved the movie was the underlying idea was interesting (Thanos tries to save environment by wiping out half of all known civilization),
(streaming) The Wandering Earth (3/5): watched first 45 minutes but did not seem that interesting. This was supposed to be big Chinese movie. Finally ended up watching bits and pieces. Story was too simple and typical chinese government movie themes.
(airplane) Captain Marvel: (4/5) Pleasantly surprised by this. Non linear plot and a slightly different approach than the typical superhero movie, plus nice twist.
(airplane) A Star is Born: (5/5) Wow, what a love story.
(airplane) 100 Dinge: (4/5) German film about 2 friends who try to give up their materialism. Not that deep, but was entertaining.
(airplane) Default: (3/5) Korean film about the 1997 Asian financial crisis reaching South Korea. Painted IMF and Korean ministers as bad guys who favored large companies over the small firms.
(airplane) Widows: (3/5) 4 widows try to finish a heist after their husbands die, but with lots complications. Not that great, but I had nothing else to watch on the airplane.
(airplane) Aquaman: watched first 45 minutes, did not seem that interesting
(airplane) Alita Battle Angel: watched first 45 minutes, did not seem that interesting.
(streaming) Jupiter Ascending: (4/5) interesting idea and political twist as Jupiter visits 3 siblings trying to control Earth. My main problem with this movie is Jupiter (Mila Kunis) does not come up with smart solutions to problems, instead the male protector always swoops in and rescues her. Written and directed by the Wachowski brothers/sisters.
(streaming) Godzilla King of Monsters (2019): (3/5) I wanted to like this movie, but the monster fight scenes were not that interesting. Also characters did not capture my attention.
(IMAX) Ad Astra: (4/5) Brad Pitt space adventure. Basically, Heart of Darkness set in space. But good views of space, decent action.
(streaming) Rocketman: (4/5) Elton John biopic. Better than I expected.
(streaming) Shazam: (3/5) Happened to see this while channel surfing in hotel. Family friendly superhero movie.
(streaming) Downsizing (5/5): Comedy staring Matt Damon about people who get strunken down to save the environment and get better quality of life. Co-star of Vietnamese lady was quite funny and interesting. Also brought up some interesting ideas which were not explored.
(streaming) Replicas (3/5): Mildly entertaining, nothing too exciting or interesting about it though.
(IMAX) Star Wars (4/5): Entertaining, but no shocking plot twists or new special effects. Just a normal, expected ending.

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