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Stop searching for your passion

you might have different passions at different times. Success breeds passion, passion does not necessarily bread success. It is better to just do something and see what happens.

Authors: Terri Trespicio
Source: TED
Published: September 2015
Tags: TEDx KC, inspirational, career, work
Rating: 5/5

This talk goes against the conventional wisdom of find your passion. Makes some good points. I think the right answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

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Brain chemistry lifehacks

excercise, avoid sugar, get sunlight, avoid rumination.

Authors: Steve Ilardi
Source: TED
Published: October 2013
Tags: TEDx KC, depression, self help
Rating: 3/5

Rumination: dwelling on negative thoughts, usually happens when we are alone, but fight it by having social contact. Avoid sugar, exercise, get sunlight.

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An economist walks into a bar

economic principles are the foundation of most of the recent internet success stories.

Authors: Robert Litan
Source: TED
Published: August 2014
Tags: TEDx KC, artificial scarcity, economics
Rating: 4/5

dating websites: artificial scarcity. Priceline: conditional price offer: once you bid a price, you are committed to pay it. Google: second price auction as the solution to the winner's curse/regret. Amazon: prior to the 80's, every freight route was heavily regulated by government. Deregulation allowed products to be easily shipped everywhere for a low price (FedEx and UPS). Moneyball: economics and statistics to guide baseball.