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How much is enough?

Mildly interesting talk from real estate developer on his approach to social equality: giving his employees a share of the company, paying them all the same, and a super low cost apartment building.

Authors: Kevin Cavenaugh
Source: TED
Published: April 2018
Tags: TEDx Portland, socialism, social justice
Rating: 4/5

Instead of being greedy, focus on figuring out how much is enough. Greed is just a little more than enough. Most of his ideas seems like they would not scale beyond his company of 5 employees. But he did mention 2 things that were interesting:

  • To combat the high rents which lead to homelessness, he bought a building and turned it into a super basic,...[more]

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The argument free marriage

Only thing I got was to calm down and have time out before saying something bad (law of acceleration).

Authors: Fawn Weaver
Source: TED
Published: July 2015
Tags: TEDx Portland, relationships
Rating: 2/5

Didn't watch all of it. Too slow, overly dramatic presentation style. Behave as if there is no tomorrow, remember the initial love for your partner.

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The storyteller in all of us

technology has lowered the barrier for creative people to do stuff

Authors: Zach King
Source: TED
Published: May 2014
Tags: TEDx Portland, arts
Rating: 3/5

Before only a few people could direct movies, now anyone with a video camera and a computer can publish using YouTube.