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The power of believing that you can improve

Growth Mindset (thinks about what is yet to come). Fixed mindset: tryanny of now, run from difficulty, look for someone worse.

Authors: Carol Dweck
Source: TED
Published: December 2014
Tags: TEDx Norrkoping, education, growth mindset
Rating: 4/5

Use praise wisely. Praise effort and the process, not for getting the right answer right now. Achievement scores even at historically underperforming schools became best schools when taught using growth mindset methods.

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How to learn any language in six months

A very practical approach. Learn from natural experience instead of textbook.

Authors: Chris Lonsdale
Source: TED
Published: November 2013
Tags: TEDx Lingnan University, education, learning foreign languages
Rating: 4/5

Human history is full of examples of expanding limits: running the 4 minute mile, flying, drawing. 2 myths: need talent, need immersion. 5 principles: focus on language content relevant to you, focus on tools, understand the message and the language will come unconciously, physiological training to hear and speak, tolerate ambiguity not getting everything right. Actions: Listen a lot, get the meaning before the words, mix and experiment with the words you know, focus on the core of the language (in english 99% of the language...[more]

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Atheism 2.0

Let's just agree there is no god. But we can still learn and imitate many good things about religion which they have gotten right: repetition of lessons on morality and culture, their community nature which allows ideas to spread and good works to get done.

Authors: Alain de Botton
Source: TED
Published: January 2012
Tags: TED Global, religion, education
Rating: 4/5

good pointe of religion: they repeat leasons, and their lessons are about morality which you do not get at schools. Their holidays remind you of themes. They are a strong business organization with lots of people and money (Catholic church took in 97 Billion last year), so they have a community of...[more]

Card: mwang25:2
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Do schools kill creativity

education should not be just about academics

Authors: Ken Robinson
Source: TED
Published: February 2006
Tags: TED classic, education
Rating: 5/5

Very entertaining talk. School should not be just about testing for traditional academic skills. There are many different types of intelligence.