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How to have more willpower - the willpower instinct

a brief review of the book: main points: get enough sleep, meditate, do most important things first before doing other less important things (willpower fatigue).

Authors: Kelly McGonigal
Source: Fight Mediocrity
Published: June 2015
Tags: psychology, book summary, willpower
Rating: 4/5

Get enough sleep. Meditate, its like exercise for your brain, and develops your prefrontal cortex which controls your decision making. Do the most important things first (willpower fatigue).

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WHY Habits form & HOW to build them

practice makes perfect thanks to myelin. Willpower is a muscle that can get tired, but once trained, can help you improve in other areas. Use triggers to perform your habits.

Source: What I've Learned
Published: 12/11/2016
Tags: habits, willpower, triggers
Rating: 5/5

Myelin is a fatty substance around the axons which helps signals travel faster down the axon. With no myelin, the signal speed is about 2mph, with lots of myelin, it can be 200mph. Practice builds up the myelin.
Willpower is like a muscle that can get tired. That is why we should do the hard stuff in the morning. Also, as you improve...[more]