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About SynapCards

SynapCards is a self-directed technical project I am working on while taking a break from work. It has 3 main purposes, listed in order of importance:

  1. Allows me to learn and experiment with various web technologies, such as html, css, javascript, web backends and infrastrucure, (specifically GCP, Google Cloud Platform), etc.
  2. I have been searching for a better way for me to organize and look up all the information that I come across. So I am using two familiar things from the physical world (neural synapses and index cards) to create a virtual knowledge database. Typically, an index card holds one chunk of knowledge, such as notes from a Ted talk or from an article, perferably with a link to the source video or document. But a card could also be a higher level abstraction like "Favorite Inspirational Ted Talks". Synapses are less defined. They connect the index cards via the tags, hyperlinks, and maybe other relationships. I haven't fleshed out that concept yet.
  3. If this actually turns into a real product and I can make some money from it, great!! If not, that's OK too. Its the journey that is important, not the destination.

Still want to know more? Click here for my design notes.

Please send your questions, comments, and suggestions to synapcards at gmail.

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