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Release Notes

1.0 (8/23/18): Implement JSON dump of cards for backups.

0.6 (8/4/18): Implement likes.

0.5.3 (7/10/18): Add creation and update timestamps to bottom of card.

0.5.2 (5/11/18): Fix banner stretching and alignment bugs.

0.5.1 (3/26/18): Allow user to force send conf email.

0.5 (3/20/18): Follow users and email updates.

0.4.1 (1/22/18): Add TagMap, support for multiple authors, user operations inside transaction, and a bunch of bug fixes and clean up.

0.4 (12/22/17): Add support for search.

0.3.1 (11/26/17): Add support for adding, editing, and deleting cards.

0.3 (11/15/17): Add support for user login using Google and Facebook external authentication (using Firebase). Also use javascript and ajax for dynamic webpages and form submission.

0.2.1 (9/24/17): Cleanup card layout. Removed dead code.

0.2 (9/17/17): Dynamic site. DNS transfered Google. Bought SSL cert from SSLMate, so my site can be accessed via https. Site served by Google AppEngine running python webapp2 and Jinja templates. Cards stored and served from DataStore, a noSQL database. Simple user profile page. Very hacky featured cards page with ability to see previous featured cards.

0.1 (7/21/17): static site. DNS handled by GoDaddy, but redirected to Google storage buckets. Static pages in the storage buckets. Made a logo. Google analytics tag in all pages. Google ad tag in all pages, but Google rejected my site because it was not finished yet.